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Aaron Hull is an Army Medic, endurance addict, and an original FitGrit Rx ambassador. Read his athletic background and how his muscles recover from FitGrit!
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Aaron Hull

Meet Aaron: U.S. Army Medic, Endurance Addict, and an Original FitGrit Rx Ambassador.

Aaron Hull FitGrit Story

Active Duty Army

Aaron Hull Spartan OCR

Endurance Athlete

“Growing up in Ohio, I’ve played hockey for as long as I can remember. From the streets to the ice, to indoors on the inline “ice,” I played hockey any way I could. By the time I was in high school I played in 21 and over adult leagues as a 14 year-old freshmen. I also participated in multiple Ironman Hockey Tournaments; these are tournaments in which games take place back-to-back until a victor is finally established.

I joined the Army on November 8th 2005 and am still currently serving. In my 12 years of service I have been on a virtual fitness and nutrition roller coaster. First, I started learning anything and everything about bodybuilding, carbohydrate back loading and building mass. I’ve been a member of the 1000lb. club more times than I can count.

After being challenged to a Tough Mudder obstacle course in 2013 and finding out I had NO endurance, I changed my game plan in both my fitness and nutrition regime. Since then, I have ran everything from 5ks, to half and full marathons to an ultra-marathon. While I was stationed in Italy with the 173rd Airborne, I even ran for 24 hours during the traditional Running of the Herd. In 2014 I ran all three lengths of the Spartan Race in one day (30+ Miles of Obstacles).

After I met my wife Karyann, in January of 2015, she introduced me to GORUCK; military-based team endurance events of various lengths (never a race), where cadre build each class into a team through various conditions of mental and physical exhaustion. By the end of 2015, I had completed a Light, a Tough, and 2, 24-hour/40+ mile GORUCK Heavy events.

Between my wife’s influence and GORUCK, my dream of becoming a Special Forces Green Beret was revitalized. After training hard for six months, I attended Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) in January of 2016. Although after making it all 19 days but ultimately not selected, I came out a different man. I now knew my limits. I understood that my body could handle working out sometimes four times a day and allow me to keep up the pace for four or five more days before I needed to rest. However, I also found out that my calves ARE ALWAYS SORE!

Cue my introduction with FitGrit Rx. As one can imagine, I came home completely whooped from Selection. Right after I returned home, my wife just happened to have samples of FitGrit for me to try, as part of a marketing test group for the product. Although I’m not usually the one to take anything for pain and soreness, I agreed to be a guinea pig and try the stuff out. Since then, I would argue that, aside from Leslie and Andrew, my wife and I are FitGrit’s biggest fans. I used FitGrit mainly on my legs and calves and could immediately tell the difference in how sore I was before and after usage.

Once I got back into the swing of things, my wife has since re-introduced me to CrossFit. [During my 2012 deployment to Afghanistan, my buddy introduced me to it and taught me the basics and I trained in that discipline until I came home. Unfortunately, three years of stagnant CrossFit knowledge didn’t translate so I started from scratch.]

After only four months, I came in 3rd place at my first CrossFit competition, The Iron Clash, hosted by my wife and I’s [former] box, Iron Forged Athletics…and you better believe that between every WOD I was applying FitGrit Rx. FitGrit also happened to be a big sponsor of the competition, and I was happy to be an ambassador of sorts for the brand.”

***UPDATE: Aaron competed in 2017’s Iron Clash as FitGrit Rx’s sponsored athlete and made us proud taking 1st Place in Men’s Scaled Division! During the 2-day event, he rubbed down with FG between every WOD (7 in all) and contributes his quick recovery in between every event to FitGrit Rx.

Aaron’s Athletic Resume:

Inline and Ice Hockey with Multiple Ironman Hockey Tournaments

Half, Full and Ultra Marathoner

24-Hour Running of the Herd, Vicenza, Italy

One Day Spartan Trifecta

Multiple 24+ Hour GORUCKs

Recreational CrossFitter | 3rd Place in Iron Clash 2016 (Beginner’s Heat)

Recreational CrossFitter | 1st Place in Iron Clash 2017 (Scaled Heat)