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Check out the affiliates for FitGrit Rx. Located around the country, these businesses are proud partners of the all-natural pain and muscle relief cream.
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Chiropractic Center at Bishop Ranch

Chiropractic Center at Bishop Ranch offers the integration of chiropractic care, myofascial therapies, and exercise to promote overall health and wellness without the use of drugs or surgeries. Both Drs. Chimenti and Singh are committed to working with each patient on an individual basis to ensure care programs are designed specifically for each patient.

CrossFit COTU

The goal of CrossFit COTU is simple – to help you become the best you’ve ever been. Welcoming all fitness levels, the CrossFit COTU family covers a broad spectrum of athletes, from fire-breathers to fitness rookies.

Located in Ashland, VA, their 2,500 sq. ft. facility has the space to workout comfortably but still provide the intimacy and personal attention one deserves from a CrossFit box. 

Diablo Sports Nutrition

Diablo Sports Nutrition is the one-stop-shop for supplements and health products in Danville, CA.  They offer nutrition advice alongside a vast knowledge of every product they carry.

IMX Pilates Bay Area

An elite fitness formula for sculpting with strength, cardio, flexibility and endurance training, while strengthening the spine and core, IM=X (Integrated Movement Xercise) is a new generation of pilates and cardio inspired workouts. Classes include Xercizer (Reformer), Barre, Mat, Tower, Yoga and SPIN.

IM=X Bay Area currently has two locations – San Ramon and Livermore – with plans to add more.

Lazarus Wellness

Lazarus Wellness Clinic provides a forum with facts, recipes, ideas and non-biased research to promote optimal health and wellness. As a Certified Nutrition Specialist™ and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner™, with a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine™, Dr. Ryan Lazarus is a functional medicine practitioner who focuses on the fundamental underlying factors that cause every patient’s symptoms and conditions.

Triangle Physicians for Women and Midwifery

A nationally recognized Patient-Centered Specialty Practice located in Cary, NC, Triangle Physicians for Women & Midwifery serves adult and pediatric women with in-office surgical capabilities, expert medical care, and an exclusive team of Certified Nurse Midwives working alongside our OBGYNs.

FitGrit Rx is perfect for those seeking relief from round ligament pain, sciatica, lower back, hip,  foot pain, and other minor pain due to pregnancy. The all-natural ingredients make it a safe choice for those looking for relief while being 100% safe for the growing baby!

Wellness Warrior Rx

As the Nation’s most innovative wellness program, Wellness Warrior Rx combines comprehensive diagnostic testing with a personalized health prescription.

It uses proprietary assessment algorithms to generate one’s own health grade, calculates a true biological age and provides a personalized Wellness Warrior Prescription. The personalized prescription provides a blueprint to improve health grade, increase performance, lower biological age and achieve genetic potential!

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