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Andrew Lowe is a former pro Ireland Rugby player, Ironman, CrossFitter, and Leslie's inspiration for FitGrit Rx. See why the creation of FitGrit benefits him.
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Andrew Lowe

Meet Andrew Lowe: Former Professional Ireland Rugby Player, 3x Ironman, and Leslie’s inspiration for FitGrit Rx.

Andrew Lowe FitGrit Story

Pro Rugby MVP

Andrew Lowe Ironman

3x Ironman

A former professional rugby player from Northern Ireland, Andrew moved to the states on and off for many years and permanently relocated to the U.S. in 2008. Throughout his rugby career, Andrew unknowingly suffered from Ulcerative Colitis. He went to many doctors, most in Northern Ireland, who told him his GI problems were the result of nerves or anxiety (gotta love the National Health Service).


When Andrew moved to NorCal and Leslie saw firsthand what he was dealing with, she got him to a good GI doc who finally gave him the correct diagnosis. After several endoscopies, the doctor said it was one of the worst cases of UC he had ever seen, and if they had waited 1 or 2 more days he would have hospitalized Andrew and may have had to remove a good chunk of Andrew’s intestines!


Due to the critical nature of Andrew’s ulcerative colitis “flare”, he had no choice but to take the traditional UC cocktail. Andrew took the medications for about 6 months, but the moment his UC was in remission he committed himself to researching any and all homeopathic/naturopathic remedies he could find that would allow him to stay in remission without the use of pharmaceuticals. Andrew has been in pharma-free remission for 4 years.


Andrew started training for his first Ironman race in early 2014. The type of training required for an Ironman race is extremely intense and as a result his muscles and joints suffered quite a bit. The pharmacy where Leslie works had a compounding lab that made several different types of pain/anti-inflammatory creams. These creams use synthetic and pharmaceutical agents to achieve their result. Andrew did not want to put chemicals all over his skin and risk any systemic absorption.


This is when he and Leslie started thinking about ideas for an all- natural pain relief cream. What they didn’t realize is that it would prove to be a fantastic muscle recovery cream as well.

Andrew’s Athletic Resume:

22-Year Rugby Career

All Ireland Rugby Championship Winner 2001

Represented Ireland at the Youth Rugby World Cup 2001

Professional Development Contract with Irish Rugby Football Union 2002-2004

USA Division 1 Rugby Championship Winner and Final MVP 2010

3x Ironman finisher

Recreational CrossFitter