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Leslie Yarborough-Lowe is a pharmacist and creator of FitGrit Rx. Read what influenced her to create the all-natural muscle recovery and pain-relief cream.
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Leslie Yarborough-Lowe

Hello! Leslie Yarborough-Lowe here. I am a pharmacist by trade, CrossFit and endurance junkie, and also the creator of FitGrit Rx.

Leslie Pharmacist

Pharmacist By Trade

Leslie Lowe Athlete

Athlete By Passion

Pharmacist By Trade

The profession of pharmacy runs in my family. My father, brother and uncle all have degrees in pharmacy. From an early age I was urged to continue with the family tradition. However, in undergrad I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to be a pharmacist so I went the business route and got a degree in marketing. I graduated from James Madison University and worked for a grand total of one year -sitting behind a desk- before realizing that Dad was right all along (bitter pill to swallow)… a sedentary desk job was definitely not for me.  It became clear that pharmacy was a good option and one I wanted to pursue. 

I got my pharmacy degree from the Medical College of Virginia. Currently, I practice in Northern California in a town located just east of San Francisco. My specialty is long term care pharmacy; however, I have always enjoyed the compounding component of pharmacy.

Athlete By Passion

I’ve been an “athlete” for as long as I can remember. I swam competitively for 6 years and thanks to my Dad fell in love with running. I switched from swimming to track in high school. I was no track star but I thoroughly enjoyed the sport and continue running to this day.

My husband (Andrew) took me to my first CrossFit class in 2014. Like most newbies I was totally intimidated, yet totally curious about this fitness craze. My box, CrossFit ATI, in Danville, CA awesome! The coaches are highly-qualified, totally motivating and loads of fun, too. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to “drink the CrossFit kool-aid” and get totally hooked. From the start, I loved everything about CrossFit except for one thing… the post-WOD ouch. I was not a fan of waking up the day after a tough workout with complete/total head-to-toe body soreness. Struggling to walk up a staircase, raise an arm, use a pen, or even sit down (basic activities of life) without moaning and wincing is not my idea of a good time. Fast-forward to CrossFit WITH FitGrit RX…I wince no more!

I basically use FitGrit RX after every WOD and I can happily say that I no longer feel like a gianormous walking bruise. The net result of this huge reduction in pain coupled with the quicker muscle recovery time has enabled me to increase my training intensity a great deal. Now I am seeing and feeling the results I have always wanted.

I love being outdoors. I am blessed to live in a place where the sun shines often and the temperatures are mild. I definitely take advantage of the amazing California weather and CrossFit, run, bike and swim as often as career and family obligations permit. 

How FitGrit Rx Came to Be

I have to credit my husband for being the inspiration for FitGrit Rx. You can read Andrew’s full story, but the abridged version is this:

Andrew has Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and is a huge fan of all things natural.  Yes… I am a pharmacist but I am also an advocate for homeopathy wherever and whenever appropriate.  When Andrew began training for his first Ironman race he was (not surprisingly) in constant pain. That’s when I decided to kick around the idea of an all-natural pain relief cream. What I didn’t realize at the time was that FitGrit would prove to be an amazing muscle recovery cream.

I researched loads of different homeopathic options. Prior to researching, I had never heard of the Moringa Tree, aka “the tree of life”. After reading about the moringa leaf and its potential benefits I thought – hoped and prayed this would be the active ingredient I was searching for. After playing around with the formula for a few months I was elated to discover that the botanical blend actually worked- and worked really, really well.

Andrew and I were the first lab rats. We would apply the cream after a long run, bike ride or CrossFit class. After only a few minutes post-application, we would look at each other and literally say out loud, “Are we losing it? Is this for real?”  The reduction in soreness and tightness was so quick and effective that we even had a hard time believing it.

We kept FitGrit Rx to ourselves for many months, but after consistent use and positive results I decided to ask my CrossFit ATI friends to give it a try. The results from our friends were the same as what Andrew and I experienced.

One of the girls at CrossFit was training for her first marathon and having problems with her knee. This injury was preventing her from training properly to prepare for the race. She used FitGrit on her knee and the results were fantastic. She completed her training, as well as her first marathon (and went on to do a second one 6 months later) all with the help of FitGrit Rx.

Marie’s story is a good example of what I hope to share with the entire fitness community. From the professional competitor to the mom who is getting back to the gym after having children, my dream is to help everyone achieve the results they want by way of improved muscle recovery time and less pain.

Additionally, we have several customers who use FitGrit as a clean alternative for pain relief.  We have had positive results reported by our customers who have been diagnosed with  Lupus (SLE), Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as cancer.  These people are true warriors and have definitely #gotgrit. It makes my heart most happy to help these folks!!

Here’s a glimpse of my work / workout week:

4-5 mile morning run, CrossFit/abs after work

am CrossFit, sneaky quick run at lunch, barbell class (lifting) after work

am CrossFit + 3-4 mile run

am CrossFit, barbell class after work

am CrossFit

5 mile morning run

Rest Day